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2021 Jul 19
Introducing EQUANS
EQUANS brings together ENGIE’s services-led activity under a new brand.

Industries, cities and businesses face unprecedented, ever-renewing challenges. The energy, digital and industrial transitions are redesigning the way we use and optimise energy, the way we move, work and live.

Buildings are increasingly efficient and intelligent, transport greener and connected, industrial production improved and controlled.

EQUANS is a market leader in the sector with 74,000 employees leveraging 200 years of expertise. With revenues of €12 billion, EQUANS is present in 17 countries – mostly across Europe, but also with significant interests in North America, Latin America and Australia.

In Hungary, all of ENGIE’s activity in HVAC, facility management, energy efficiency, district heating and electrical networks are now part of EQUANS.

EQUANS is an autonomous business within ENGIE Group – with its own dedicated management team and operating structure to help further accelerate growth and service performance.

EQUANS supports its customers by mobilising its expertise to provide low-carbon energy solutions, offer cutting-edge technical and FM services and transformative regeneration in Hungary from homes to cities, from offices to industry.

EQUANS empowers transitions both for today and tomorrow.


Read more about EQUANS’ global organisation here.

You can read the official press release here.



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