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ENGIE as an employer

At ENGIE, WE are committed to dealing with energy sustainably and having an intact environment.
However, the topic of energy can also determine your future. We would like to employ YOU for this!

ENGIE is Europe’s leading brand for efficient energy use and stands for three major areas of expertise: technology, energy and service.

innovative technical concepts & solutions
performance-orientated cooperation with the exchange of knowledge
working with our employees in a partnership-like way
a great deal of personal freedom, and
individual development possibilities
ensure an attractive career.
We are pressing ahead with the energy transition together with our customers and are setting new standards daily. ENGIE – Think about tomorrow, today!



ENGIE Magyarország Kft.

Headquarters: 1191 Budapest, Üllői út 206.
Tel.: +36 1 460 1030
Fax: +36 1 460 1050

Mail address: 9024 Győr, Hunyadi u. 14.
Tel.: +36 96 335 816, +36 96 526 805
Fax: +36 96 528 654