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Financing without own funds (ESCO)

The advantage of ESCO financing is that the customer pays the ESCO company without any own funds, from the savings of the energy-efficient system and competent operation.

What does ESCO mean?

ESCO is an acronym, which means: Energy Serving Company or Energy Saving Company.

The ESCO scheme is a “French invention” that has existed since the beginning of the 1900’s and revived in 1980 in the European Union. It is a scheme having spread intensively from the 1990’s whose immense advantage is to result in energy and cost savings without the own funds of the Customer. The Customer pays for the ESCO company from the savings thanks to the up-to date system and the qualified operation.

What or who is the ESCO company? (Energy supply company)

Energy supply company: is a natural or legal entity who renders energetic services and/or takes other measures to improve energy efficiency in the equipment or premises of the Customers, undertaking a certain amount of financial risk by acting so. Payment of the rendered service (partly or fully) is subject to achieving improvement in energy efficiency as well as meeting other agreed performance criteria (Defined by the Energy Centre).

Within the framework of the ESCO scheme the Customer and the ESCO company concludes a long-term contract to render heat supply for the buildings. It is the heat energy supplier’s task to implement investment required for the guaranteed heat supply and to operate the installed equipment during the term specified in the contract. Purchase of the energy sources as well as invoicing heat energy measured by the consumption also parts of the undertakings of the ESCO company. Apart from heat supply fees (base fee and heat fee) no further costs for instance renewal, maintenance, repair shall be charged for the clients.

ESCO finanszírozás

Our solution for you

At our own costs we will renew and operate the facility’s energy supply system in the long term. After the reconstruction, the energy supply system can be operated in a more efficient way than the original one.
You do not have to contribute to the financing of the energy supply equipment with your own funds; it is financed entirely by us.
The refurbished energy supply equipment will remain the property of the company for the duration of the contract. The average duration of energy efficiency contracts is 5-20 years on average.
It is our responsibility to procure the energy sources.

Frequently asked questions and answers related to ESCO financing:

1. What does ESCO energy efficiency contract offer you?

The ESCO company takes over planning and design, construction, operation and repair costs as well as financing the new equipment. Energy supply and heat supply guarantee is ensured during the entire term of contract. All operation tasks (maintenance, troubleshooting, renewal, official reading and report) shall be carried out by the ESCO company.

The Customer shall pay the following fees:
1. Monthly base fee – fixed HUF/month – (availability, operation and maintenance, troubleshooting costs of the system and the guarantee fee during the term of contract), furthermore
2. Heat fee (HUF/GJ) – changes depending on consumption – (the consideration of the measured heat consumption).

2. How to finance the reconstruction of the heat supply equipment?

After the reconstruction the energy supply system – mainly as a result of the achieved savings on energy and operation costs – may be operated at lower costs than previously. The reconstruction of the heat supply equipment may be financed from the costs savings achieved in this manner.

3. Who do we offer to conclude an ESCO contract?

  • State and municipal public administration
  • Larger residential buildings, block of flats
  • Industrial sites
  • Medical and educational institutions
  • Sport facilities
  • Church institutions
  • Facilities using district heat system

Paying a site visit, setting up the ESCO offer and the draft contract is free of charge.



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